The Whites

Our Mission in East Africa:

In the vast and diverse continent of Africa, there is an urgent challenge that calls for our attention—a rising epidemic of false teaching. False doctrines are spreading through crusades, conferences, radio broadcasts, and even within schools. These falsehoods threaten the very foundation of The Church, from bustling cities to the remotest corners of the bush. That’s where the Whites step in. As a part of the non-profit, Good Shepard’s Fold, Brian and Jerilyn have answered the call to embark on a mission to establish and staff Pastor Training Centers. Their mission is clear: counter the tide of false teaching and illuminate the truth of Christ for all to see.

About Brian:

Brian serves by leading a pastor training ministry. With a heart for serving others, he also maintains crucial relationships with the pastors we support and our incredible team in America. Brian’s commitment to his calling is reflected in his academic achievements, holding a Masters in Biblical Counseling from Southeastern Seminary. He is not only a leader in his professional life but also in his family life, as a loving husband to Jerilyn and a proud father of three children: Cadance, Noah, and Aletheia.

Jerilyn's Contribution:

Jerilyn, a vital member of our team, uses her skills in the areas of communications and child scholarship. She works closely with the Omega Baptist Church, and Hannah Moshi Primary School. Through her efforts, children not only receive financial support for their education but are also provided with uniforms, nourishing meals on school days, access to medical care, and the chance to participate in discipleship programs that nurture their spiritual growth.

Supporting the Whites:

You can join hands with Brian and Jerilyn on their remarkable journey of faith and service. Your support will make a profound difference in advancing their mission and bringing hope and truth to East Africa. To contribute to their cause, please visit globaloutreach.org and search for Brian and Jerilyn. Together, we can make a lasting impact and be a beacon of light in the lives of those they serve.